Emcee Vivien


Loves people, and loves interacting with people. With her engaging personality, she sells effectively and gives measurable results during promotional and sales roadshows. She believes in working as a team with her  clients to create measurable results, and even though she does not get an extra commission for hitting targets, she is happy that her clients are happy. Her best reward is a satisfied client who engages her long term. 

In Vivien's own words:
" I have done sales orientated roadshows for Carrefour since 1997, and we have consistently hit targets of 100k in 3 hour roadshows for wine.
Many factors affect the outcome of each roadshow, and with the expertise I have accumulated over the years, I am able to value-add by advising my clients if their target is achievable and if we were to achieve it, how can we do so. Location, rate of flow of people, demographics of shoppers, point of sales materials, words used in the ad or flyer copy, etc all play an important part in achieving the sales targets. When you engage me for your roadshow, I don't just talk...I like doing the ground work and research to ensure the product sells as well. "