SOLVENT | Solve Entertainment is a Singapore entertainment and talent agency. We provide performers to events such as weddings, parties, corporate functions, graduations and many more. Our talents include live bands, emcees (MC) and DJs from a myriad background of Singapore and international performance experience.


Have your pick of our Masters of Ceremony (MC or Emcee), with a wide variety from familiar radio voices to professional bilingual emcees. They are well versed as weddings, roadshows and corporate functions.


Wedding emcees host the reception of your big day, they will guide and engage your guests through the items you have planned, e.g. photo booth, toasts, first dance, first walk in etc... Bilingual emcees are ideal for weddings, so all your guests can enjoy your joyous occasion.


Corporate emcees host dinners, gala, award ceremonies, roadshows, promotional events and such. They will keep your guests entertained with games or lucky draw you have planned or they will ask guests to participate in on-stage activities. They will host your event with impeccable professionalism and entertaining fun. Singapore emcees often pair with DJs to liven up the atmosphere with sound and music support, e.g. award ceremony music and drum rolls.


Our DJs who have played in Singapore and internationally with years of experience, they can cater to any genre your party needs. Weddings, events, bars or corporate functions, our DJs will get your party going all day and night. Our DJs are the most versatile in the industry, they can work with emcees, live bands or any other performer.


Through the journey with your significant other, music has no doubt made special moments in your relationship. Share your music personality as individuals and a couple with your family and friends on your special day. Our Singapore DJs will prepare music based on your chosen genres or work with a playlist you provide. Their job during the wedding is to read the mood of the audience and mix the music to keep them dancing on the floor and rocking in their seats.


DJs are great for product launches, dinners, promotional campaigns, trade shows and the likes, they do a great job in setting the mood for your event. For events that require drawing crowds such as trade shows and product launches, the DJ equipment alone will garner a lot of attention. Corporate dinner functions with a dance element can benefit massively from a DJ playing radio top 40s songs during the dance and sophisticated lounge music during the dinner.


Our DJs have performed at regular bar and club gigs, graduations, music festivals and many other events. Choose any or our DJs or contact us to tailor to your needs.


Our live bands can be a solo performer or a 2 - 5 members group with instruments as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, drums and more. Pick any of our preformed bands or pick a singer and we can form a band for you.


Our recommendation would be 1-2 members live band for an intimate wedding and 2-3 members live band for a ballroom wedding. Bilingual bands are great to entertain elder guests with dialect songs, such as Hokkien or Cantonese songs.


Corporate live bands for dinners and functions a 3-5 members band playing jazz or top 40s genre would be ideal without overpowering dinner conversations. A good pairing would be with a DJ during the band's recess, the dance or post dinner drinks.


We cater to regular bar gigs, marketing campaigns, roadshows, festivals and many more, choose any or our live bands or contact us to tailor a band for your needs!