Catherine winston

Catherine is ...

Celebrating over 10yrs experience in the events world – Catherine offers a personal, reliable & trustworthy service to ensure your event becomes a success. Catherine has hosted a spectrum of events, no matter the scale. She aims to create and make an impact at every event, and to ensure her performance is enjoyable, hence making it a memorable one. She really knows how to bring the WOW factor to the event. Dynamic, witty & entertaining, she has charisma, charm and the skill to capture the audience attention, getting everyone participating and enjoying the moment. Her cheeky smile comes for free!

Blessed with the gift of the gab, event hosting has always been her passion. She has the privilege to host a wide genre of events from conferences, award ceremonies, gala dinners, fashion shows, roadshows, wedding, trade exhibitions, shopping centre/store promotions, rig christening, car showsevents, product launches, festivals, family carnivals, Christmas parties brand promotions, to sports events such as charity golf, fitness & lifestyle gigs.