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Abby is...

25 years old, started singing since she figured out the acoustics of her bathroom. From what started out as nothing but a bathroom singer her journey in music has been nothing short of amazing. She started her professional Music career in early 2014. Using music as a confidante, she has been writing and singing to express herself emotionally.  Abby has performed for Beer-fest 2014, UN Women Gala event 2014, Hardrock Hotel Sentosa ,Weddings,Corporate events, and recently performed her originals at the Esplanade Concourse.

Greatly influenced by indie- hip hop artist-Ryan Leslie, the sultry Eva Cassidy and her all-time crush Pharrell Williams, Abby pens down her songs with nothing but passion and day-to day experiences. Her witty and sparkly character never fails to entertain the audience and her musical talent ensures every performance is a memorable one.