Ed has ...

Pperformed alongside well-established theatre thespians such as Adrian Pang, Tan Kheng Hua and Emma Yong in popular Singapore musicals such as Dick Lee's 'Kampong Amber'. Ed subsequently took a quantum leap when he landed the lead role of Action Theatre's 'Chang and Eng'-  a musical chronicling the true-life story of the world-renowned Siamese twins. Ed's portrayal of 'Chang' led him to make headlines for Singapore by becoming the first English language musical ever performed in the Peoples Republic of China!

A familiar voice over the air-waves, Ed also became a radio personality with popular stations such as Power 98, 98.7, and 91.3. You might have been entertained by him at one time or another on shows like 98.7's 'Say It with Music' and 'Club Beats' or 91.3's 'Evening Rush'.

With over 15 years of on-stage experience, Edmund is currently a very sought after emcee for Corporate events, Launches, Conferences and Seminars. He continues to thrill audiences both abroad and locally with his unique brand of showmanship that is second to none!