DJ instructor jason kai


Having written over 200 songs, including published works for movies of the French film festival, Ca' Foscari Film Festival and local advertisement jingles, Jason is no stranger to the life and emotions music entrances. With 12 years of music DJ and music production experience Jason has worked at multiple prominent events and venues such as The Color Run Singapore, VERTU, Attica, Altimate, Samsung, Facebook and many more. In addition to regular performances, Jason has also conducted several DJ workshops for student ranging from 14-35 years of age.

Jason has experience DJing at a large multitude of venues and crowd types. He will be able to guide students to learn different DJing styles for corporate events, weddings, clubs, beach parties and many more.

DJ instructor Janvin


Exposed to the diverse world of music since young, he has heard it all. Listening to music wasn’t enough, he wanted to share music with world. Janvin was very well versed in his craft, since the beginning of his career he was impressive enough to play alongside international DJ Scuba. He is very versatile in mixing style and genre. Janvin has conducted several DJ workshops, teaching other aspiring DJs the required skills. Being highly technical he is able to break down concepts of DJing into its essence and impart it onto others.

His versatility in mixing proves that no dance floor is too challenging. His mission is to consistently bring the music to the people.

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